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5 Philosophies guiding our practice.

These are the philosophies that influence our decision making at the Law Firm of Elia & Ponto.


Each individual claim is inherently unique, and the Law Firm of Eia & Ponto recognizes this. In order to pursue your claim and recover the monetary compensation you may be entitled to, the Law Firm of Elia & Ponto will begin a thorough analysis of the claim and constructs an effective plan of execution the very first time you speak with one of our skilled attorneys. This allows us to efficiently and expediently pursue your claim.


Time is of the essence in all personal injury claims. Waiting to even call an attorney can have grave consequences to a seemingly “good” claim. With this in mind it is important to contact an attorney quickly, but it is even more important that the attorney you contact is able to offer you advice and guidance quickly. At The Law Firm of Elia & Ponto, we strive to eliminate needless waiting and connect you with one of our skilled attorneys the first time you call. Furthermore, we will make sure you meet with someone associated with our office within 24 hours. Again, time is crucial, and we understand that victims have questions and need answers. Shortly after our first consultation, our office will conduct a thorough investigation surrounding your claim and then make sure that YOU understand and agree with the course of action, that in our professional opinions, will direct you to the compensation you may be entitled to in the most efficient and expedient manner.

Personal Touch & Education

Every claim is different, but more importantly, every client is unique. At The Law Firm of Elia & Ponto, our clients are not forced to become another number in a long line of clients. We strive to learn the special circumstances surrounding each individual and claim and tailor our service to you. For instance, if your injury has rendered you unable to come to our office, we will come to you. If your claim may be more complex than the “average” claim, we will take time to explain the law to you and answer any questions you may have regarding your claim. We feel that keeping our clients in the dark is a disservice. If there is an issue that arises in your claim, you will be informed quickly thereafter. Lastly, we understand that Michigan is a culturally diverse State, and we embrace that! We will not let language be a barrier between you and pursuing your claim as we serve the Arabic, Chaldean and English Speaking Communities.
Pursue Maximum Recovery
The Law Firm of Elia & Ponto is large enough to handle a large amount of claims, but still small enough to add the personal touch that we feel is missing from the contemporary practice of law. While some law firms do well by turning over a high volume of clients, we do well by striving to recover the best possible recovery for each client. Often times, at fault parties and their insurance companies may offer a small amount of monetary compensation early on in a claim in an attempt to resolve the claim for less than what the victim may be entitled to. Unless it is a fair offer, the attorneys at The Law Firm of Elia & Ponto have no problem advising our clients that accepting a quick offer may not be in their best interest; however, under certain circumstances, it may be. Once The Law Firm of Elia & Ponto accepts to pursue a claim on your behalf, we do so with the full intent of fighting for our clients and receiving the best possible recovery for your claim.

More than Monetary Recovery

At The Law Firm of Elia & Ponto we understand and appreciate that when potential clients contact our office, they are often looking for more than a monetary recovery. Many times, our clients are looking for help in recovering from the injuries they sustained as a result of someone else’s negligence. We have realized over the years that most clients are unaware of the medical benefits they may be entitled to the moment they are in an automobile accident, or that in certain circumstances, a business or other private property may have insurance covering medical treatment related to the injuries sustained in the accident. At Elia & Ponto, even if we cannot make a recovery on your behalf, it is our belief that you should be made aware of the potential medical benefits available to you.

What You Can Expect From Us

Every client, claim and lawsuit is unique; here is typically what you can expect in moving forward.
25800 Northwestern Hwy
Suite 850
Southfield, MI
Serving the English,
Arabic & Chaldean
speaking communities.
Serving the English, Arabic & Chaldean speaking communities.