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If you have ever been hurt in a Michigan car accidentMichigan truck accident, Michigan motorcycle accident, Michigan bicycle accident, or were a pedestrian involved in a Michigan vehicle accidentcontact us for your free of charge assessment to discover exactly what our team may do to assist. For read more about Michigan No Fault Insurance.You may be allowed to acquire lots of dollars each month. Phone or e-mail us today to find out about all the benefits you are entitled to obtain. Speak with a Michigan car accident lawyer at our firm today!

Answers to Important Michigan Accident Questions

Am I qualified to cash for my discomfort as well as suffering as an outcome of a Michigan crash?

Am I entitled to cash for my pain and suffering as a result of a Michigan car accident?

  • The other driver's fault for the accident was more than 50%
  • ou suffer from a “serious disability from a physical body function, or permanent disability or death”
  • The accident did not happen intentionally by you.
  • You were not the driver/owner of a without insurance vehicle involved in the accident.

How do I recognize if I went through a major disability from a body feature or even severe and long-term permanent damage?

A doctor must confirm the severity of your injury, and usually, some diagnostic tests are also required. More importantly this injury must substantially affect your lifestyle.

Court of laws tries to view for how long you were actually off work and also just what tasks you could no perform. If you able to work after your accident and your activities are not significantly affected, then you are probably not dealing with severe problems of a body system functionality. If you have scarring from the accident, a seasoned lawyer can easily examine whether or even certainly not have a severe and permanent disfigurement.

Is there any time constraint to file a claim for pain and suffering for any Michigan car accident, Michigan truck accident or Michigan motorcycle accident?

A claim has to be submitted within 3 years coming from the day of the accident, or even if the injury is to a minor, before the minor’s 19th birthday celebration.

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