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If you are involved in any type of auto accident, there is always a chance of serious injury and/or legal trouble. Michigan bus accident lawyers are experienced in accidents involving public transportation. Lawyers who specialize in public transportation accidents are qualified to handle your legal situation. If you need more information about Michigan No Fault Insurance click here.

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If You Are Injured While Riding a Bus

Auto insurance covers any type of injury suffered from motor vehicle accidents. Many people are not aware their auto insurance covers bus injuries as well. The statute states if you suffer injuries caused by the bus, you will be covered for injuries regardless if you were not in a car.

It is more difficult to seek compensation if you use the bus as transportation because you do not own a car. Bus company’s insurance providers are only required to provide compensation if there are no other options available. The way you could seek compensation is through a policy of a relative you live with. If you do not live with a relative, you will have to file a claim with the bus’s insurance policy. The insurance companies can be difficult to reason with.

Michigan Bus Accident Lawyer

Third Party Bus Accident Claims

There is a chance you may qualify to file with a Third-Party lawsuit. If there are serious injuries involved, the claim could be filed against the bus driver or the company.

The Michigan bus accident lawyer will immediately figure out who the owner of the bus was. Usually the owner of the bus is a private contractor or the government. You are able to file a Third-Party case if the bus is owned under a private bus company.

The government is protected from citizens attempting to gain compensation when injured. With that being said, any vehicle owned by the state, city, or municipality is operated by a government employee. These cases are much more difficult to fight.

If the government driver’s negligent behavior causes injuries or property damage the case has an exception. The city will attempt to protect cases pertaining police vehicles and municipal bus accidents against Michigan bus accident lawyers.

Elia & Ponto Michigan Bus Accident Lawyer

The Court of Claims

Any lawsuit regarding claims to receive compensation from the government must be filed in the “Court of Claims” in Michigan. Your case may be separated if you sue a government agency. The case will be split up into two parts. The first part will go to the Court of Claims which will discuss the government agency. The other part of the case will go to your local court and discuss the Third-Party lawsuit against the driver of the bus.

Michigan Bus Accident Lawyer

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It is crucial to hire an attorney with the experience is bus accidents to properly oversee any such complications. The qualified lawyers at Elia and Ponto have been representing victims of Michigan Bus Accidents for years. We will fight for the compensation you or a loved one rightfully deserve.

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