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Auto accidents are unexpected, life-changing events – and realistically, nothing can prepare you for one. Hardships such as physical injuries, financial burdens, mounting medical bills, and loss of wages can occur in the wake of a crash. Although can be a challenging and difficult time, it should not be further complicated by the claims process and ensuring that you receive the compensation not only needed to make a full recover – but what is also deserved.

A Lansing Car Accident Lawyer at the law firm of Elia & Ponto is able to assist victims of auto accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents. These forms of accidents can be traumatizing and really take a toll on victims emotional and financially. A Lansing Auto Accident Lawyer at our firm is just a call away.

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Speaking to a Lansing auto accident lawyer from Elia & Ponto can dramatically improve your situation. The Elia & Ponto Law Firm has represented clients with injuries that include broken or fractured bones, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), injuries to the back and neck, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, lacerations, and all other serious injuries.

State law requires three things prior to an injured person’s entitlement to compensation for the injuries sustained from an automobile accident – also referred to as “pain and suffering”. First, there must be no fault with the person seeking compensation for the accident.

This should be known by a qualified and skilled Lansing car accident lawyer. Secondly, the injured person must sustain an “objectively manifested” injury. In simpler terms, the person must sustain an injury that will appear on a medical diagnostic test – including MRI, X-Ray, CAT Scan, EEG, etc. Lastly, the injury must result in a “serious impairment,” which typically results in an impact on one’s lifestyle due to injuries sustained in an accident.

Legal action by the victim must be taken within three years of the accident date or they will not be able to pursue a claim against the at-fault driver for their “pain and suffering”. In the absence of a lawsuit within three years, the claim may be barred forever. For this process, an experience Lansing auto accident lawyer will be available to help you or a loved one.

Once again, the claim of each individual is completely different. If you have been injured in a car accident, call the Elia & Ponto law firm and talk to a Lansing car accident lawyer today!


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At Elia & Ponto, your case will be handled by a top-rated Lansing auto accident attorney, not a paralegal or law clerk. We offer a free, no obligation case review and will represent you on a contingent fee basis.


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At Elia & Ponto, our automobile accident attorneys recognize that each client’s claim is inherently unique. That is why we are going to start a thorough analysis of your situation and construct an effective action plan – all beginning the moment you speak with one of our skilled and qualified lawyers. Let a car accident lawyers take care of you. Contact us today!


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